photo1774On a normal day, the routine was something like: take her kids to school, go to work, an exercise she duly enjoyed, take a walk with Petito, her lovely spaniel, cook for Frederick and the kids……that was when the normal days existed. Or maybe she had lost count of them, not like she was counting anymore.

And that was because she was dead. Cold stone dead. The victim of what some people will call “a failed attempt to rebuild her life after battling with an addiction* but faced with the real facts: Noreen was a victim of “lack of the life force”.

*why does it keep occurring to me that I’ve lost some people on this track?*

Okay, okay…..fine. Let’s start the traditional way of writing…….33-year old Noreen was a successful teacher in the community school, with a loving husband and two sons. She had what you will call a *perfect home* until the can of worms spilled.

She was a drug addict.

That fateful day, she overdosed on her *life saver* as she called it (bizarre, isn’t it?) and was rushed to the local hospital. Tests revealed the unbelievable, in a society where drugs were considered the Devil’s cohorts. Immediately, the rejection tape began to roll.

She lost her job, her friends shut her out, worst of all her husband left her and took the kids (so much for “till death do us part”). She became an outcast, a mirage, a danger………lacking so much in the vital ingredient she needed to restore herself back to her former life. Crushed beyond return, she jumped off the roof of a nine-storey building…and that was it.

This tragedy could have been averted, because what she needed was not an arsenal full of rejection……..most people never understood she was on a battle front, she needed weaponry to fight through the dope addiction……..all that she ever needed……..was LOVE……….

Sadly, her case replays itself everywhere around the globe. The chain smoker on your street. The nymphomaniac in your hostel. The alcoholic living next to you. The sex addict in the same church with you. These people are on battlefronts that are way beyond the eyes to see. they are looking for weapons, support but most people feel comfortable to give them the meal of rejection and thank their God that they are not the ones involved. the fact is: 80% are so ready to shun, they don’t care, the remaining 20% feign sympathy and then back-stab them. Why not be the first to take a totally different step? Jesus said in Matt 12:28 that all who are weary should come to Him. But how will they do that when we are not ready to show them the way?

So friends, the point still remains…………..quit condemning, start accepting, gladly show the way out to someone on the battle front today…….one more name added to your daily parole of “give us this day our daily bread” is not too much…….LOVE BREAKS BARRIERS THAT EVEN THE MIND CANNOT UNDERSTAND (John 3:16)

Till next time u hear from me, I humbly remain myself *not like I was someone else, lolz*

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo.



  1. Ochuko A. Akpomudjere · August 24, 2013

    Awesome, awesome, awesome piece… Keep Shining!!!


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