IMPRESS ME!!!!!!!!!!

ImageOkay, hiya guyssss!!! And blessed Sunday to you all!!! I just came back from church, feeling happy and guess d first thing that came to my mind? The phrase “IMPRESS ME”!

*HUH???* Yeah, yeah I know, does not really sound like the phrase of the day, but come to think of it: every second someone is trying hard to impress another person, every second someone is getting a wrong impression of someone, every second someone is getting impressed. *wow long chain*. But anyway, to know the end of a matter we must first know the beginning so……back to the old definition board.

The word “impress” is a verb, meaning it’s an active word, no time for breaks and in simple language means: to influence deeply, make someone feel admiration or respect for you……very necessary for the ego……*dnt shoot, just kidding…. :D*

Okay, so what’s the big idea? Why do people strive to impress others? A lot of reasons, all stacked neatly in a basket.*Oh, Talking Tom, could you shift the basket closer, please? Much better, thanks* Okay, let’s roll the tape.

First, and firstly: everyone wants to feel important. Yeah, yeah, the dude with a Chevrolet, d babe with the classy looks makes tops for the admiration list of course. But that’s where it dies. You know why? Because one day the Chevrolet will become Chevro-Old, d classy looks become old-fashioned, because things get updated everyday. And it will shock you how many people may not even care about the Chevrolet or your new look *harsh, yeah I know.*

Okay, the basket is kinda full of many other reasons: to toast a desired person *the common one*, to show off *very lame reason*, some use it as a cover to hide their low self-esteem *very sad reason* and the list is endless *oh by the way, Talking Tom you did a quite mighty job, this basket weighs a ton!*

So what am I saying??? Okay, people always think that certain things impress people, but one would be surprised when confronted with the truth. Let me give a common example.

Have you ever heard this weird saying, like:….”Men are attracted by what they see, women are attracted by what they hear, that’s why women make-up and men lie”….

*someone just shouted, U AV GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!* Yeah, that’s the mentality in dominance today. Ladies turn their faces to color riot panels and men sugarcoat their words. *I can buy the world for you……yea yea like you can afford it!*. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against make-up, and am not against sweet words all I’m saying is…….hyperbolic expressions sometimes do not help issues *for further understanding consult Oxford dictionary……. :D*

So if wearing colored trousers, donning colored caps, color blogging and color-rioting does not do the trick, what does??? OK, I’ll tell ya………… week *heeheehehe got u there*…so if you really want to find out, check in next week same time same broadcast channel………..I remain ma humble self.

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo.



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