IMPRESS ME!!!!!! 2

ImageWell, here we are again!!!!! So, like I said last week, a colored trouser or fancy hair is not the surest ticket to impress people. The funny fact is that this is very simple, the sad fact is that most people think otherwise.

The best way to impress………..simply is being YOURSELF………………

*did u expect some complicated recipe?…………… :D*

Yes, as interesting as it may sound, that’s like the best way………..let me tell you why.

Firstly, you have to understand that no matter how u try to look weird like Lady Gaga, or string up a parade of colors like Nicky Minaj, you can never be like them. They have made themselves unique in their own way, the best you can do is not try to imitate them, create your own unique style, be yourself.

Secondly, you also have to understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong in being a bit weird. The fact remains simple and straight: you can’t please everyone, some people will definitely tease you, mock your uniqueness. *If you are pleasing everyone, by the way, sorry to say, but you have a HUGE question mark hanging atop ya*. Stop trying to fit in!!! That’s the major problem with people with low self-esteem. It’s like fitting a circle into a triangle, one of them gets jeopardized. People who try to fit into other profiles not meant for them end up damaging their precious, yet-undiscovered potentials….at the cost of being like another person?? Haba!!!!! I stopped trying to fit in years ago; I am a weirdo myself, I must tell you. Some people love me for it, some despise me but… goes on!!!! *it’s not like weirdness kills……….duh*

I have come to discover that people actually like to be around those who are okay with their uniqueness, those who are not afraid to stand out, those who are sincere with their real kind of person. The fact that you are not afraid of being “YOU” adds an edge of respect to your profile from others around you. They might not show it, but they are secretly wishing they can be as proud of their person as you are. So carry your person with all confidence *I tell ya, ain’t no second copy of you chilling anywhere in da world!!!*

Like I said earlier on: THOSE WHO ARE MEANT TO LIKE YOU WILL LIKE YOU!!!! So don’t get all down and droopy when someone turns you down; life is too short to worry about those who like you and those who are watching to catch your mistakes. Be yourself, be proud of who you are, and you will be surprised by the kind of people you will attract. But there is a clause: don’t just be yourself, work on yourself and get better. Update, improve not improvise, upgrade. BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE, BECAUSE GOD MAKES NO JUNK. YOU ARE PERFECT!!!!!!!

Till my next blog, I humbly remain,

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo. 


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