Well, well here I am again!!!! It’s been a while, missed ya guys,won’t be surprised if you did not……… 😀 😀 ok ok kidding. But anyway, I was just sitting down in my room, and decided to watch a movie, a Mount Zion movie to be precise *Nigerians get the gist*. The story line was about a family who lived nicely and prayed, tithed, gave………………….and lied. Every third word said by any of them was bound to be a lie. The movie ended with the family repenting after the father was the sacrificial lamb…..but it was like scales dropped from my eyes!!!!!!

Every day, we live our lives, without realizing how important little actions are, how they affect us later on. We tell “little lies”, “white lies”, “conditional lies”?????? Seriously………Wait a weensy-bitsy minute, who invented all those “adjectives” for lies? That is pure deception from the father of deception. Shoot me now, bury me tomorrow, A LIE IS A LIE!! There is nothing like big lie, small lie, fat lie, thin lie, conditional lie, Christian lie, white lie, black lie!!!!!!! Lies have no colour, size, magnitude, or shape! They only have foul odors that stick to someone’s person for life! To all of you readers out there, especially the Christians, let me make something clear to you:

I know we are indeed in the era of grace, but Grace is meant to empower, not cover. The problem is that most at times we try to be people pleasers,even without knowing and in the process we become God displeasers. To keep the people’s likes, we lie, cheat, deal with false data and then go back and ask for forgiveness, in our minds we are like, “God’s grace, God’s grace……..”. For your information, you are solely ON YOUR OWN!!! *SHALL WE CONTINUE TO SIN THAT GOD’S GRACE MAY ABOUND? GOD FORBID!*

Grace does not mean bypassing Principles to Sin, in fact Grace EMPOWERS you to Follow Principles, because following them is never easy!! Little acorns beget great oaks. Do not indulge yourself in such self-destruction, thinking you can stop it when you want, or ignoring it, “it does not matter”…..oh yes it does! Because someday it will turn from tiny pieces of paper on the floor to a huge refuse eyesore spreading soo rapidly, covering every shred of good reputation you might have earned with your sweat for donkey years. One lie is enough to destroy a relationship, mar business deals, crumble a good reputation……the list is endless. I pray God continues empowering us all to stay away from such a destructive habit which presnts itself in soo many ways other than verbal expressions!! Till next time, I humbly remain

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo


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