Well well, it’s me again, and right now I am boiling with rage. The reason? Not far-fetched.

I decided that if I was ever going to use any of my precious time to watch films, I would watch films that teach me life lessons, not make me forget I am a student. Now one thing I have realized about Nigerian films is that even though they seem poorly-planned and somehow stupid, beneath all this cover sometimes lies the true bitter reality of some life experiences……Well, one of such scenes common in films is where the person or people involved commit an atrocious act and then meekly say…..”It was the Devil”………and that is what most people say these days to cover up………*this is where my anger boils*


“Hey sis, that’s really harsh!!!” Oh really? Let me give you an instance you are familiar with……….

For the love of God, you went to witness to an unbelieving lady in the room, ALONE!!!! And she is also alone in the room!!!! And you expect nothing to spark at all!!!! Are you stone? Is she wood? You, as the brother on your part who “came to witness” profess to be a Christian, born-again, tongue-talking, demon-binding,in the process of your “witnessing” some thoughts start coming to you……suggestive thoughts, of how nice she will “taste”. Normally, what are you supposed to do? Fight them off!! “Resist the Devil and he will flee from you” James 4:7. You keep going, alone, your aim being to “witness”, the cycle keeps repeating and the lady may imagine you are coming for something else. So one day, she tries to change the topic (a loophole from the enemy, of course), you follow along and the thoughts begin to gain ground…….. You look at her, only to discover that her eyes suggest the same thing you have been thinking all along………the deed gets done, and then you blame the devil!!!! Oh really? Except the “devil” in this case is YOU!!!! Wanna know why?

Let me make clear something: A spirit does not have an abode on the earth, because Spirits have no legal rights on earth; the only way they are permitted to stay is if they get a body to possess. Now the body and soul, together is like an un-owned piece of property, it is open to both the forces of darkness and the Spirit of God. Whichever one gets access, becomes the sole proprietor and to make sure his “new property” is not taken away, the force or spirit makes a hedge all round it by prompting the person to seek building blocks for the fence, so the fence grows higher and higher, warding off the influence of the other opposite power, which would, of course fight back because it desires that property as well. So the indwelling authority keeps prompting the person to seek building blocks continually to ward off the influence of other authorities. But entrance is not so easy; the person allows access by SUBMITTING WILLINGLY to the authority. It’s that simple. So the armed robber who is robbing had the choice to ward off the thoughts of starting such a path, but submitted himself willingly because of ignorance, and the fact that he never came face-to-face with the truth, or he knows the truth but chose to SUBMIT to the other force(which is the more common case now)

Now, let me bring you back home: When you gave your life to Christ, you said yes to the authority of God over your unowned property and made Him the sole proprietor and manager of your life. He settled down and began to clear your weedy and unkempt property, began to plant seeds that will sprout and yield the fruits of the Spirit.He began to encourage you to seek building blocks and water for the seedlings through studying the word in order to renew your mind (Rom 12:2), through fellowship with other properties under the ownership of the same authority(Heb 10:25)and providing an ever-free access line, should you need to ask any question or make any request. That access line is called PRAYER. All this steps angered the devil, who began to fight to get you, because he knows that if God takes fully over your life, you will be the worst nightmare of the kingdom of hell. And what other easier way of trying to enter…………..than to send agents disguised as harmless spies to the most fertile, receptive and most versatile portion of your property………. where God planted the seedlings…………..YOUR MIND???

to be continued…………

I humbly remain,

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo.


One comment

  1. Sani · September 30, 2013

    Keep the fire burning!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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