So here we are…….again. You know what I’ve discovered, friends? The fact that a person does something never counts if the person does not know WHY he’s doing that thing. It’s also sad that most Christians have been unknowingly wasting their time attending every crusade in town. Nothing matters more than the purpose of doing something because it defines EVERYTHING.

So, why are we supposed to go in church? *Do I have to see Bro Fabian and his annoying wifey every midweek service?/ My room has a perfect balcony facing Jerusalem………..very motivating for any type of prayer./ Can’t I just worship in my room?* Well, here are a few reasons why:

1. As Christians, the Bible should be our STANDARD in our day-to-day activities. The Bible makes it clear in Hebrews 10:25a (GNB) “Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing”. Most people stop here, they do not go to the why, which is mentioned in the b part of the verse: “Instead let us encourage one another all the more, since you see that the day of the Lord is coming nearer” How do you expect to encourage your fellow-believer in the corner of your room? *sounds not so interesting to me*.

Another thing we should realize is this: We all need someone to survive, no one is an island. You can’t possibly know everything, you can’t possibly interpret every scripture yourself. Someone needs what you have, and you need someone else’s view on the scriptures. The sad thing is that the church has been reduced to a show-off platform, a judgmental center, lifeless four-walled edifice. Everyone gets excited during the sermon, and it all ends there. I might sound very brash, but we can’t run from the truth forever. The main motive behind the gatherings in Acts of Apostles was not to check who had the latest shoe, or who had the best voice, or who committed some well-heard of offence; it was LOVE. They wanted to be part of each other’s lives, feel each other’s pain, help each other through difficulties,celebrate each other’s achievements and happy moments, share the gospel together in the face of persecution; genuine care not hopeless eye-service was the motive!!!! They were people who understood Jesus’ command to love each other, THEY WERE FOLLOWING HIS EXAMPLE.They were from different backgrounds, different cultures, different walks of life, different life views and ideas. The church was what they had in common, their one big home, their training and correction ground. But sadly, that is no longer the case. The church is now like a yoke on some people, because when they get to church, they get reminded of how filthy they are, how often they make mistakes, they get reminded of their WEAKNESSES. 

Jesus knew what He meant when He said, in Matt 7:1 ” Do not judge others, so that God will not judge you”. He understood the fact that people make wrong decisions known as MISTAKES most times without meaning to, sometimes thinking their case will be exceptional. He understood the fact that ever since man lost dominion to the enemy in the Garden of Eden, his human nature has never been in his control anymore, IT BECAME WEAK and PRONE TO WRONG DECISIONS. Before you condemn that leader for sleeping with that girl, why not find out what really happened? Before laughing at that girl and her baby bump, have you ever thought that YOU could be in the same shoe? These and many other reasons make people run away from church or go to church to fulfill an obligation (work under the yoke). IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE SO!

We try to live as regenerated beings, exercise authority over the Devil, accept that we are the righteousness of God, and yet we keep making Jesus unhappy by ignoring the main reason that drove Him to the cross to bring us all these things: LOVE,and to UNITE us with the Father. Where there is no love, there can never be unity. UNITY was what made the early church strong. UNITY was what made them fast and pray for Peter. UNITY and LOVE are what today’s church is missing………..which is why church is becoming a “cliche”. My church, my church………my friend cut the crap!! IS IT REALLY YOUR CHURCH?? 

Another reason why gathering together should be something worthwhile is because the church is like a recharge point. We can’t always be up and doing, at times there are storms and we feel dried out by situations. In a case where an unbeliever will grab a cigarette or a bottle of beer, the believer can come to church, mingle and relate with fellow-believers, through whom God can drop a word for him concerning his situation and he will go back feeling much better. Standing together is THE ONLY WAY. “Brother” and “sister” are not official church tags for church goers, they are your public proclamation that you and that person are united by the same bond of love, under the ruler-ship of the One that came to die for you both to set you free and give you both something in common. When you call that guy “brother”, you’re literally saying, “Your pain is my pain, your joy is my joy, your mistake is mine too, whatever happens to you, I WILL ALWAYS IDENTIFY WITH YOU, BECAUSE JESUS IDENTIFIED WITH ME AND SET AN EXAMPLE ON THE CROSS, WHEN OTHERS MOCK AND REJECT YOU, I WON’T” *How many people even know this????*  *sighs*

I may not be able to list all the reasons, but the few I listed, you can ponder on. And the most important thing: DO NOT EVER DO ANYTHING WITHOUT THESE TWO VITAL INGREDIENTS: UNDERSTANDING AND KNOWING WHY. They are inseparable. It’s time for us to stop being hypocrites and do things not because everyone is doing them, BUT BECAUSE WE UNDERSTAND WHY THEY NEED TO BE DONE.

Till next time, I humbly remain,

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo.


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