Yea it looks like I’m a bit late, but…………..HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL THE SAME!!!! 😀 😀 :D. You know the excitement and gladness always look like they won’t end…….until week 2 of month 2. *hehehehe*.

But come to think of it: what makes each year more worthwhile than the first? A new seasonal film? New shoe releases? Or the fact that for CSMU students it’s a reminder of the upcoming one-week break? *yea yea shoot me now*

NO OF COURSE!!! What makes each year unique is the milestones you are able to reach in your life, the lessons you learn that move you one step ahead, the people you interact with that give your perspectives new edges, the sermon you listen to that pivots you to the next pedestal in the spiritual realm…………and so much more.

So dear one, if I am to leave you with something, here’s what I will leave you with: to every set goal, to every book you read, to every friendship you keep, to every project you start this year, ADD SOME COMMITMENT SAUCE. It’s expensive, no doubt, buh you will enjoy every dish you put it in. Be committed to every thing you plan on this year, and you will glide along gracefully……..till next tym.

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo


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