First and foremost, I will like to apologize to all who have been following me for “taking an incognito break” from my writing. It’s good to be back here to present my first piece for the year……………………

So here we are, in a lovely new year with all it has to offer, and I decided to change some tactics in achieving my goals this year. While brooding on how to go about it, I came across this interesting box in my mind. It looked kinda heavy and I wondered how I missed sharing it with you guys. The tag of the box read, “LIP SERVICE, EYE SERVICE, PLEASE-MY-FRIENDS SERVICE, HYPOCRISY SERVICE”. Wow! The last one caught my attention, so I decided to open the box and take a peep. I ended up doing more than that.

Here’s what I found in the box:

Priorities are things we value the most, things that we need. We often try to arrange them on what the economist calls a “scale of preference”. We try to place the most important stuff first, the next important stuff next…………..and maybe the least important stuff snuggle comfortably at the bottom of the list.

Okay, so what’s the issue? The issue is not the list; lists are good, they set everything in clear view. The issue is………….WHAT’S AT THE TOP OF THE LIST and WHAT’S AT THE BOTTOM?

We have an interesting melee of people in the world today. We have people pleasers, self-seekers, attention seekers, “notice-me” set…………….and the list is endless- all sets of people springing as fruits of misguided priority lists. The old English proverb says something about putting your horse before the cart, and not vice versa. But that is a forgotten principle. People put the carts before the horses and expect the Good Old Mother Fairy from “CINDERELLA” to make it move! So much for living in reality.

As a result of this, we have so many people living their lives in the light of wrong priorities; that new car, that sexy lady, that business venture. The question is not that they prioritize these things, the actual question is: after getting those things, WHAT NEXT?

As believers, we have to learn how to set the list in order and in balance. We have to show others how to set priorities right, not join the rest of the world to “put the cart before the horse”. Rather than living large and comfortably (which, of course is every believer’s right) being your number one priority, let the words of Jesus guide you as you set your list in order: MATT 6:33 “SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND ALL ITS RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND ALL OTHER THINGS SHALL COME AFTER YOU”.

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo


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