She stood up from the bed and straightened the creases from her bed, her face burning with shame and a wave of embarrassment overpowering her senses. The deed was done, again; after many vows and self-promises, it looked like she could not just stay away from self-pleasuring. Her mind taunted her about being a hypocrite; with many people aspiring to be like her, she was a total disappointment, albeit unknowingly to them that is. Her spirit searched for a way to get over this annoying habit, but the enemy kept throwing quotes of discouragement at her, taunting her for falling again, what a shame she was to her parents, her friends, her pastors, her future partner……………………and in the middle of it all her desperate soul sought for a way to cry out to her Father.



He looked at the bottle of cheap beer and the half-finished pack of cigarettes in his hands, and a wave of shame and anger overcame him. What was he doing with these things? He never wanted to do it. Yet it seemed to him he could never break free. Despite staying away from his beer-drinking friends and avoiding any local bar he knew, it was as if all his life was destined for booze and cigarettes. And the enemy’s voice kept re-echoing in his sub-conscious……… are a nobody, you will never get anywhere with these stuffs, you cant stay away from them, your life is doomed till you die………………and his crushed soul sought for a confirmation that the Father still wanted to forgive him.





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She could not seem to stay away from him, how much she tried. Since the day she had allowed him to touch her and kiss her in such a passionate way, something deep had been awakened in her…………………a hungry being that can only be sated with the taste of what she had tasted for the first time, in the wrong circumstances.She found herself going back to his room, avoiding his mouth but feeling it roam over her body, one part of her enjoying the whole scene, the other part weeping in shame



Miles away from each other, yet having so much in common……………….these scenes and many other similar ones play themselves out everywhere around us, in hidden and plain view…………..and I need mention that this publication is about a girl who had high esteem,loved and respected by all, but was plagued and shackled to self-pleasuring for 3 years.

I will share with you  in my next publication how she started the journey to  freedom from the destructive habit of self-pleasuring.


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  1. tomiolugbemi · April 27, 2014

    I love this. Now looking forward to the next place.


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