It was a Sunday like all others. The routine was quite simple: get up, freshen up, do freelance weightlifting by carrying my “baby” – a silver-coloured portable grand Yamaha S710 to the church venue which was actually the neighbouring hostel……..
Except that today, getting up was a struggle,freshening up was cumbersome.
And my baby was carried by someone else.
I was terribly sick.
Now I am a very healthy, constantly on-the-move young woman so this little ailment actually took me by surprise. Literally, I was “the girl who never fell sick”; I havent visited the hospital in more than 4 years.
Yet I woke up feeling “outside my body” due to something I had eaten the previous night before. I was very weak, my mouth felt odd and I was in serious pain, which did not reduce even after I threw up.
I was able to see myself to church, slowly. My church leaders sensed something was wrong, and I was relieved of duties from that day. As I sat on the choir seat with my head resting on the wall, my eyes wandered at the activities going on around me. My eyes watered a bit and I wondered why. From where I sat, a note opened in my heart, and the environment around me began to recite……….
To be continued
Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo


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