9th December,2005 11:40 a.m
Subject: Internal Medicine
Recess time.
Somewhere around the labyrinths of the mind…..
My ears listening to “King of Nations”, beautiful album by the way from Midnight Crew. Just finished teasing him for calling me a villager.
I seem to overlook everything he ever calls (and will call) me. That should change, I mused to myself. At least a little. In my world,a lover can have that priviledge. Not a friend.
And that’s what we are. Friends.
Yep, we broke up and as much as it pains very much, its has opened my eyes to see a lot of things.
     Pain- is indeed a sign of life.
I realized that I “rushed” into this. He was a crushed guy who was still puppy-eyed about his ex when I met him. I should have given him time to heal.
And LORD, I apologize for rushing. I remember praying to be SHOWN my life partner, not to be JOINED to him. We were both unprepared, apparently and emotions misled us. We “rushed” in and now we’ve “rushed” out, and all I have are memories. And I put my whole heart into this. I expected too much. I made him my world. I made him a focus, when I was supposed to be focused on You. I am truly sorry Lord.
-to be continued…..


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