THE DIARY OF A HEALING HEART (concluding part)

21st December,2005. 10:04am
Subject: Internal Medicine
Somewhere in the labyrinths of the mind….
………I know a part of me keeps blaming you, because you kinda knew that you were not ready for “US”. You were sub-consciously searching for comfort, and that trumped the reality that was at hand. But I also take a good part of the blame.
Emotions are quite misleading. And they leave us with bittersweet memories. It’s been two months since we took a walk, yet it seems like yesterday. And I find myself fighting, fighting to retain my humanity, fighting to remain the sweet human that I am.
Because I am losing touch. I am sinking-into an abyss so deadly it could destroy me: The abyss of total coldness.
Yet I still have hope, hope for the future. I know that things can change a lot in the nearest future. I have learnt to wait patiently to meet the man that would love me, love my flaws and person, the one true love of my life. The father of my twin princes and princess
The one He kept for me.
Saying farewell to my past, working with God on my present and walking with God towards my future.
Signed: A Healing Heart.


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