Happy new year to you all! Been a while I wrote something encouraging to y’all so here we go……
As a Christian there are some things I have had to learn in my walk with God. One of such things is this: You dont pray for God to bless you and recline back in your chair; you do not buy fertilizer wen your land is unploughed. The reason why some of our prayers are not answered is out of LOVE. God will not give you a blessing you are not ready for because you might abuse it, or it may even kill you.
Secondly, your walk with God depends on how willing you are to seek Him. God loves us so much, but even in His love He respects our will. He comes into our lives when we give Him access.
This year I want you to take a different approach to your walk with God. Give Him access and watch yourself access all that He has for you.
Have a fruitful year.
Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo


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