Hello everyone, so I had a beautiful week, and was reminiscing about my past year as a person. It’s amazing sometimes the things we hold on to in the fear of exploring new grounds. The places we’ve lived in, the people we’ve loved, the friends we’ve had- sometimes we have to get to that point where we let go of the fear and the nagging feeling that always precedes moving out of your comfort zone.

There are times when you feel that you might not be able to move on from certain partnerships or relationships- after exalting the person(s) so much and then you discover your purposes are perfectly different, meaning you both are treading different lanes, and your friends are going to make a laughing stockfish out of you, don’t get bothered by that. Do what you need to do; don’t hinder destinies at the expense of pleasing people. Leave that city, break that friendship, make that change. JUST DO IT. Your purpose is expensive- don’t trade it for penny-valued things. Don’t be scared of treading new grounds because no matter how new they might seem to you, you carry the presence of the One who has walked these grounds. Just apply Matt7:7 and learn to listen; the rest will be history.

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo.


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