Beautiful day. Beautiful air.
Sunny rays seem radiant overhead
Laughing with him, casting beautiful colours
On the person he appears to be
Full of passion, in love with his call
Melting the hearts of men
A love for God so deep, a character so humble
Clearer than the waters, his voice softer than the rushing breeze.
Yet in him is a seed of mischief
Making happy the people he loves and cares for
The mischievious smile and the seemingly biting sarcasm
Stem out from a beautiful kind of love and respect for friendship
Yes, behind the irresistible physique and trouble stirring character
Lies an amazing personality
Humble yet in control
Beautiful in his own way
A heart that makes mine melt
But it is all in my head
I am so far, yet beside him he has princesses
That have been there from his starting days
So to consider me would be
Finding a strange wild flower in a field of familiar lilies
So I feel, but I say nothing
For I see no reason to give out my voice
Here with this pen
I lay my beautiful feelings for him to rest
Until something happens that makes my cause not lost
In my heart he remains only my crush.


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