Dear Future Spouse, My King-in-the-making, Prince of the Most High,

How are you doing? I do hope you are enjoying life, and more importantly, fulfilling your own purpose wherever you are. I have been doing a little thinking myself and decided to give you a shout-out.

You see, I don’t know you. We’ve never met, or maybe we’ve met without knowing. It’s amazing how small our world is yet we could be miles apart. Or that close. Yet I find it beautiful that I can hold you close to my heart without knowing you. Amazing, right?

I have had you in mind from the day I decided to make myself ready for this commitment called MARRIAGE. I pray for you each and every moment I have a quiet time with our Father. Do you pray for me too? I set aside prayers just for you-because I love you that much. I always pray for you to find favor and stay on track. And I know God has been honoring my requests. I give my possible best to preparing to be your best fairy tale, the mother of our twin boys and one princess (oh yes, don’t be surprised! Two boys in one go! We can, with God, don’t you think? *wink*)

You know, many times I’ve itched to know how you look like, what you love, your dress style so I won’t miss it when getting you birthday presents. I hope you know a thing or two about cooking, so we can have fun competitions (trust me, you will never taste jollof rice good like mine! 🙂  ) Even if you don’t, we will work something around that. No hubby of mine is going to be romancing newspapers while I cook! (just kidding but not kidding, hehehe). The LORD keeps teaching me patience while giving me avenues to mold and develop myself under His guidance. I’m sure you are in the same process too.

I love books and art. So don’t be surprised if you come home one day to a caricature of you hanging in the sitting-room or a sea of books. Readers are leaders, and I won’t want to leave you or our kids out of the Rhemas  I will be chewing on daily basis.

Oh, and did I mention I love music? My life runs around music so we can have home recordings. I hope you were present when the LORD was sharing voices because no be only me go get talent for house (although handling of mobile phone camera is also a talent, lol). I love the LORD, and it reflects in my worship to Him, so start getting rid of all your “other” songs because they will be mostly for decor if they reach our home.

There are so many things i have in mind for you, but you will get to know more when we meet. There is honour in secrecy and besides, who does not like to be wowed?

I look forward to building a home with you, not just a house. A home with Jesus at the center of it all. I look forward to being your confidant, best friend, prayer partner, help-meet, co-partner in crime (inside operations go saraa for house) and most of all- the best thing that ever crossed your path after being born again.


Till we see, keep walking in Him. Stay true to Him and His ways. He never disappoints. And remember, I am His first, before yours. So if you want to find me on time, remain with Him. You will find me there.

Love you like He first loved me,

Your Queen-in-the-making.



  1. Atem peace · February 22, 2016

    This is so sweet on so many levels

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dolly · February 22, 2016



  3. Grace · February 23, 2016

    ….the jollof rice part…hahaha


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