This is not a post borne out of the stables of ground-mopping self esteem…..but a bold acknowledgement of circumstances, situations, dreams and aspirations birthed in the lowest points of life
It’s a shout out to the people, the ones unspoken for, the ones we think we know.
Shout out to those who are good hearted, who forgive like children and get misunderstood the most
Shoutout to those who had no one to mentor them in their childhood days, who had to be their own mentors and are gaining ground-in silence
Shoutout to those who are the strong forts of solitude to others in distress yet find no one to be theirs;
Shoutout to those considered “nice” who appreciate your respect but yearn for true friendship-and sometimes, love;
Shout out to those hurting yet unable to speak, drowning yet unable to shout for help;
Shout out to those misunderstood and misjudged;
Shout out to those who are surrounded by people who dont value their person yet they take pains to help such people achieve little victories which become their own balm;
Shoutout to those who work their backs off behind the scenes and never get as much as a “thank you”-even if just to encourage
Shout out to those whose phones only ring when they are wanted for a task not when they are needed as friends for a jolly ride or a relaxation outing
Shout out to those whose smiles strengthen the masses while hiding gaping wounds and ugly scars on their inside
Shout out to those who love truly yet never get the chance to express
Shout out to those whose hearts melt with love for children but never get a chance to conceive or parent any
Shoutout to those who dare to be different;the “oddities and anomalies of the society” as they are called becayse they choose to be original
Shout out to the introverts, the self-comforters, the abused, struggling with addictions and depression; those who have not had it nice yet try to live life nicely
It’s a shoutout to those without a voice but with strong personalities built by enduring tough times. The ones with stories behind their smiles.
Its a shoutout to people like ME-and YOU.
Stay strong wherever you are. God’s got your back and He’s with you all the way




  1. liberationvoiceblog · March 2, 2016

    Shout out to U!!! God bless U and grant U a fulfilled month of March!!!


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