BLESS ME!! prt 1

Today’s little piece of mine centers around a scenario that has been repeating over and over in my mind for the past few weeks. I believe God drops certain things in my spirit per time for certain people and certain times. I don’t hear from Him so often but when He has something for me, He ministers to me on it first before nudging me to put it out using one of the gifts He gave me-creative writing.
Now God blessed me with a beautiful imagination and it allows me to stretch into untapped abstract horizons. It also helps me to create sarcastic but deep short stories that I write down from time to time. So…..
A man comes to church one Sunday. He is a job seeker, wonderful qualifications, has a wife and two kids to feed. He goes to his seat and begins to pray, “Father I thank You for today. I pray that as I’ve come to Your presence today, bless me and make me prosperous. Provide for me….” and the list goes on.
God answers, albeit quietly. “Son, receive sense”
The next Sunday the man comes again. “Father thank you for the grace to stand here. I declare this day that the blessings of Abraham are mine and I claim them by faith”
“Where is the common sense I gave you last week, Son?” asks a genuinely bewildered God. “You mean you did not even attempt to use 8 bytes?? 1 MB? Or at least half a megabyte? And you know that common sense is rare, yet the little I gave you, you kept it aside?”
God looks at his angels, and puts his face in his palms.”Please mute that channel.”
The angels look at each other, and then Uriel speaks up. “Sovereign God, that is the 3,436,456th person in a space of 2 hours. But as you say we will do”
Time passes. The man continues praying, and praying. “Why is God not answering me? Why is He not blessing me?” Meanwhile in heaven God continues to grieve in His heart “Why is he not using his common sense that I gave him? Why is he rubbishing the sacrifice I made for him over 2000 years ago?”
As funny as this may sound, 90% of believers are like that man. There are so many of us praying for blessings. Bless me, bless me, bless me…..bless what? An empty land? Empty hands?
God is a God of principle. Many people dont realize that this is one of the reasons why the seemingly unbelieving folk are madly rich and comfortable. As doubtful as it sounds, some people are rich not because they killed humans for rituals but because they follow something called PRINCIPLES.
Have you noticed? Principles are like rainfall that waters the earth. It falls on weeds and flowers, on the snakes and the doves. It has no preference, no soft spot, no black list. When it falls lightly, it hits everyone. When it falls in “rocks and boulders” it hits everyone. You dont have an umbrella or run for shelter, you get soaked and catch a cold whether you pay tithes or not, whether you are an addict or clean, whether you deserve it or not; ITS A PRINCIPLE. And God honours principles because they are basically HIS WORDS, pillars that hold up the existence of everything.
There is something I have observed about most believers and unbelievers, especially where I come from. Lets start from the believer.


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