downloadMy Dear Princess, The Love of my life, Queen of my heart,

How are you? Sorry this letter is coming slightly late; been busy listening to the Father for us both. He has been giving specific instructions, and you know how much honor the Father puts on His word. Had to jot down a whole epistle (kidding, but, it’s quite bulky)

I have had you in my mind’s eye ever since I decided to man-up and prepare for this journey called MARRIAGE. There are so many distractions everywhere I look, but the Father blessed me with self-control to overcome them all. Plus, the thought of having a Queen by my side for life beats any form of present temporary pleasures.

I have often wondered what you look like; are you graceful as the slender birch trees that grow by the streams, or solid like the ever-graceful oaks? I always wonder how beautiful your smile is, but the Father keeps teaching me that treasures are always concealed till it’s time. Oh, well.

I pray for you, for us each time I seek His face. Oh, and I also learnt a few cooking skills so I don’t pale before yours which you will surely wave in my face. I also have made allocations for a shelf just for your shoes, and two wardrobes, just for Her Royal Wifeyness. That way, no one gets injured, and I would clearly see my suits each morning when I’m getting ready for work.

Do you pray for me? I sure hope you do. I know it may sound a little surprising but I have grown a love so beautiful for you, because I know that the Queen He’s keeping for me is a first-class lady walking in her purpose, cleaned from past mistakes and given a beautiful life through the redemption power of His blood. I look forward to being the first face you see every morning, the one to soothe your fears, and take care of your pristine heart. I look forward to giving you a foot rub especially when you are heavy with our princes and princesses. Don’t worry about how you fit into tube dresses; we would work out together if the need arises, and even then I would still love you all the same. I am not marrying your curves; I am marrying YOU, and trust me baby, the pureness and beauty of your personality is the sexiest thing ever that will meet my eyes. In a world of waist-trainers, barbie shapes and plastic surgeries, a woman comfortable in her size while keeping fit is a balm to my soul.

Oh, and also I can be a crybaby at times. So I wont mind a shoulder or soft cushion to cry on when need arises. And I love playing, so-get ready!

Being a man with responsibilities is hard. So much pressure from the world, work, peers, ministry. Sometimes I can get really down, sometimes I can lose my calm. But the thoughts of having you  by my side to go through this means everything to me. I apologize in advance for every temper fit I might get into, and I forgive you when situations push you to nag. A home will sometimes have tough times, but I am confident we will sail through them. TOGETHER, WE WILL.

I have so much I want to tell you, but I would rather tell you in person, to enjoy every expression on your face as I pour my heart out on that day.

Till I meet you in person, my Queen, keep shining, keep seeking the Father, keep praying for us.

I love you. Always have, always will.

Your King.



  1. Gift “Kaydo” Ogwa · May 28, 2016

    At first I thought it was to your daughter.
    Absolutely beautiful. 🙂


  2. D.R. Ebe · May 30, 2016

    Oh! my! Oh! my! May God preserve this intent in accordance to His will. Amen.


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