Have you ever gotten to that point in your life when the lyrics of a song you’ve been singing for years and getting all emotional about just dawn on you with understanding that leaves you frozen, feeling silly, grateful and awed all at once? Just because you decided one day to “read” the lyrics?
Or a Bible passage you’ve been reading like “any other” until understanding through the notes you made hits and you sit there, as clueless as you have been albeit unknowingly?
Or you wrote something on a social site or blog “in the days of your fire” and looking back at that post you feel like you just got the understanding of what you yourself wrote?
Or maybe you got charged up after a message or movie, and wrote out certain confessions, resolutions and decisions, then find yourself in a situation where you are all whiny before the Father, and He reminds you of YOUR confessions, written by YOUR OWN HAND and the confusion in you keeps quiet?
Maybe you were in love with someone and saw him/her as your world, then situation forced you both to separate, and you threw a tantrum for the ages, until other situations came up and you realized the dangers that were lurking had you both not gone your separate ways?
Now let’s imagine you never wrote down those confessions, you never made that post, never read that Bible passage and made the notes you did or watched that message and you never wrote those points the preacher said, imagine the lyrics of the song were not put down in writing…….
The power of a pen comes at me in a different light, at a different angle because if I had not written down some of these things, I would have never gotten the encouragement I needed at some very low points in my life, I would have not been able to remind myself of those things the LORD showed me in my dreams concerning the future, I would not have remembered all the ideas He placed in my head to bring out beautiful, inspiring posts.
As my blog page BREAKING DAWN gets near its 3rd year anniversary, I sit back and look at all the posts I ever wrote, and I am grateful for the gift of writing. I have books, still waiting to be published, I’ve published a novel and I keep getting inspired by what goes around me-and by my past writings. And I’m grateful to know that people get inspired by some things I write as well. Being able to minister to yourself is beautiful, but being able to inspire others while ministering to yourself is priceless.
When you have a “light bulb” moment, WRITE. When you get a revelation, WRITE. When you feel like something is heavy on you, TRY WRITING IT DOWN. The beauty of writing things down is not usually revealed at the onset of the action, but much later when the need arises. Writing things down sometimes is like planting an oak tree; its not so easy, it’s more preferable to write on a tab or gadget and you might not be there when it blossoms but trust me, those that will be there to rest in it’s shade will be forever grateful to you.
Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo

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