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So it’s hi again from me. And happy new month to you all! And I’m saying this with extra shoulder pads singing praises on my shoulders *don’t worry you won’t see them :p * because August is MY BIRTH MONTH!! And the date is 8 days away, yippee!!

So about three days ago I went to a city to minister with fellow-ministers, and on my way there I decided to go through the Bible. Now, I’ve been working on developing a walking relationship with God for some time now, and I’m glad that my efforts are not exactly fruitless.

So, I was going through the first book of Corinthians, the first chapter specifically, and I got to verse 17…….

The apostle Paul was talking about the task given to him to preach the gospel, but not with clever words “lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power” (English Standard Version).

Now this is a very weighty sentence. It means that human wisdom, when expressed in clever words and intellectual arguments, has the ability to rob Christ’s death on the cross of its saving and redeeming power.

N.B: My next points are written based on what was laid in my heart while studying, and how much the Spirit helped me understand so I’m open to corrections and further rhemas.

I believe this is because human wisdom comes from the application and understanding of knowledge that is based on things that can be explained, rationalized, assigned a meaning, seen, heard, touched; basically “put in a box”, controlled and considered reasonable and normal by humans, things with PROOF.

The redeeming power of the cross is not something that can be explained by science, law or economics. It’s beyond rationalization or imagination. It extends beyond the concept of “making sense”, does not fit into any box proposed by any school of thought operating on intellect. Human wisdom can only give it a meaning but true understanding of the cross and its power comes by operating in divine wisdom under the guidance of the Spirit. That is why it seems pretty abstract to the human mind that someone dying on two pieces of wood nailed together at an angle of 90 degrees could have behind it “something” that cannot be explained by disciplines that deal with proof, “something” that only requires you to believe. And God is ever generous to guide us to His word and give us understanding of His word, which is the ultimate source of divine wisdom. It’s sad that believers today are not patient enough to study the Word for themselves, but rely on every revelation that proceeds out their pastors’ mouths which in itself is not so safe for spiritual growth. It’s like going to a bar to buy salad; you don’t know how clean the veggies were, how long they stayed before being used, the farm where they were harvested, the hygiene rules of the person who prepared the salad and so on. And if you are not someone who discerns weird tastes or you don’t know fresh veggies when you taste them, you end up consuming chemically grown or genetically engineered foods which are supposed to help you but are in the process of causing you harm-all at the cost of trusting the ratings of the bar left by others.

Sometimes, what is good for the goose is not so palatable for the gander. I do pray God helps us to discern and gives us the passion to tap into His Word and discover things for ourselves, and grow. For once, cook your own food, don’t just rely on going to the restaurant.

Have a blessed week. More notes coming your way.

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo



  1. Psalmist DMD · August 1, 2016

    Wonderful writing


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