Today is Sunday.

Do you know that:

-millions of services are going to hold today all over the world?

-millions of currency is going to be wasted in offerings, transport fares,  and tithes?

-millions of blessings will stand a chance of being missed or getting witheld?

-there will be many performances today, and we are going to have many “trees” during praise and worship?

-many songs will get ministered, brutalized and murdered?

-eye services and lip services willl be offered in packets of “spirit and truth worship”?

-there will be plenty motivational speeches branded with “God said…..”?

Am I being sarcastic? Nope.

Am I sounding seriously blunt? Yes.

And all this will happen because some block-heads somewhere do not understand their place in the vineyard, and they duly ignore understanding, even when it is presented on a golden platter. And also because some people will choose to follow RELIGION without understanding or even a proper mindset on the true state of how things should be.

Some chorister would not think that seeking God is important before ministering, after all “na sing we dey”. Someone assigned to officiate would not think that due to the fact that he is going to be affecting people’s destinies in a space of 2 hours or less, he should seek God in Spirit and truth, instead of formulating a motivational speech full of lexis and structure, but no Word. Some people would think that just because they are instrumentalists and technicians, praying and preparing your mind to minister is not exactly as core as mapping those wonderful syncopations that will make heads swirl. And some of the people coming to church today will come and give offerings just to “mark attendance” and lift up “holy hands” and open up “holy mouths” to speak in “holy tongues” while their “holy mind” is lingering on things so shameful the Spirit will find it too clouded to minister unto them.

And some people will end up not getting blessed, go back home more confused and angrier than before and later over a cold drink blast the church, blast the service and say “I did not really get anything from the service”

Before you call me negative, do you know that this cycle, and many more repeat themselves every Sunday?

Would you like to add your input to these statistics? Or would you like to be an initiator of a change in some of these apalling situations that keep rubbishing the Gospel, and most importantly, God’s greatest gift to mankind embedded in the finished work of Christ- GRACE?

Things don’t just transform in one day; they do so because someone decides to take initiative, sit his backside on a chair and seek understanding.


Have a blessed Sunday.



  1. Gift “Kaydo” Ogwa · August 7, 2016

    This is some real stuff

    Liked by 1 person

  2. falaciousice95 · September 29, 2016

    Love what you are doing


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