1 COR 3 VS 1-2

Natural attributes of children: they are playful, observant, innocent, immature in some life contexts, and so on.

I like to think of children like reservoirs with pipes linking them to the outside world i.e the five senses. And they usually come without filters, specifically the ears, eyes and mouth. Whatever they hear or see  just goes in and blossoms, either positive or negative. As adults, we develop this filter over time, and it consists of knowledge applied, experience, maturity – all gathered overtime. As believers, this “filter” develops from our constant communion with the Spirit of God and the constant renewal of our mind through the Word, both of which reveal the nature of God to us-LOVE. An understanding of Love is what helps develop maturity, which comes in handy when confronted with life’s issues. No wonder Paul had to break everything down for the newly converted Corinthians- because their “spiritual filter” was still in the process of developing. The same applies to newly-converted believers today. It is therefore very crucial that we are able to spot out the “baby Christians” in the church without judging or condemning, and with love guide them towards maturity- just like we were also guided sometime in our lives.

MATT 5 VS 13-16; LUKE 14 VS 34-35

download (1)What you have that makes you unique, be it a gift or a talent, is given by God. Your gifts and talents are not meant for the four walls of the church. They are for the world, they are your “LIGHT”, your “SALT”. These are the things that people will see and give praises to God. Every gift and talent houses a ministry in which God has embedded your purpose, which most times leads you to be a solution to a problem or challenge in the world. When we fail to discover why we’re here, we’re failing billions of generations whose survival or success is tied directly or indirectly to the fulfilling of our purpose. Sometimes it takes us to SHINE before someone else gets the courage to also shine; it’s a chain reaction. We all help each other, directly or indirectly by how well we add TASTE to situations around us or how well we SHINE our lights to the issues of life. So the next time when you are in the process of discovering why you’re here, do it to help yourself, but also do it for the millions that are looking up to you without you knowing. That is the true definition of AGAPE.

MATT 5 VS 21-24

download (2)Millions of hryvnias, dollars, pesos, etc get wasted every time a service is held because people tend to give without understanding, because people give with grudges, malice and evil thoughts tucked away expertly at the corner of their hearts, yet blossoming into their minds all that time. People disrespect God by tossing cash into the offering basket while in their minds they are making mental notes, comments and insults at what someone wore, how the new chorister went off key, the awkward way Pastor knotted his tie- random, useless things that do nothing to add to the blessings you’re supposed to receive. We tend to forget that we’re in a hospital, not a presidential evening gala where everything and everyone must be perfect. Only sick people come to the hospital, people who’re not ashamed of admitting that they need help from the Savior, people who are not ashamed to admit their love and appreciation towards the One who accepts them as they are, without judgement or condemnation. Don’t be a Pharisee; don’t close the door for yourself and don’t stop others from entering in with your judgmental comments, actions or mentality. Be a true believer, a true son of the One who loves. Until you know, don’t judge.


Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo.


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