Happy new year, lovely people! 2017 will be a better year for us all. I know and believe so because my Father has nothing but awesome plans for my life! I believe He has something up His sleeve for you as well and you cant’t wait to partake in the awesome goodies! But watch out, don’t run too fast, you will hit_ oooooops! It was a bump!

A bump has several meanings; a raised part of a flat surface, a light blow or jolting collision, to run into something or someone with a jolt(politely put, the feeling you feel when you hit someone or something and your whole life flashes in a nanosecond before your eyes). All these definitions share a common factor: there was a disruption or break in happening events or journeys. Even a baby bump kid-of agrees to the fact….okay let me not go there.

Do you notice when you do not notice a bump early enough and you run into it, the journey gets rough and the car may topple or somersault, depending on the speed at which it hit the bump on the road? Or if you bump into someone, things sometimes come crashing to the floor or one person is left with a not-too-pleasant injury and you all picking your stuff from the floor, each person sending apologies because it’s unclear who caused it. Clearly someone was not looking straight ahead.

Life has bumps. Plenty to share in fact. These bumps are sometimes, challenges or unprecedented events. Whichever way they come, they always bring about a point in life where people get to re-evaluate what matters, connect back to their Creator if they have lost touch, or kick certain people or/and habits out of their lives. These are moments when things sort-of “pause”, the landscape gets clearer and you realize that the lush gardens you thought you were driving for were artificial flowers with petals made of fabric, and the people you thought cared about you distracted you so much that you did not see the bump in time to make the necessary adjustments to drive safely over it. The issue with this is that people sometimes turn bumps into final destinations in their minds, so even when the bump is gone, they create a phantom zone for themselves where they are still stuck with the bump and refuse to go over it, saying it’s too big or too difficult to maneuver.

Sometimes bumps get placed as warnings, especially when our Father is talking and we are too caught up to listen, and He knows if we continue past a point we would get ourselves killed. Or as checkpoints to prepare us for what is to come. Life’s bumps do not get crossed over in a minute. Sometimes it takes weeks, months because some people won’t admit that it’s a bump-and that might be all they need to cross.

Some bumps are self-placed. Bumps like character issues, lack of vision and pride do not guarantee smooth roads ahead; in fact just a few feet away is a steep ending.

Some bumps are overtime sediments of hurt trust, emotional or physical abuse, neglect, hatred, unforgiveness, anger, depression- things that were either not dealt with or dealt with inappropriately, and appear along the way, usually before an important life moment or suddenly after it. We should understand as people that we have full control of our emotions and we should know that WE take responsibility for them. There’s no shame in seeking help- you have no idea how much easier your life becomes after that.

I urge you, dear one: if you are at a bump, or a bumpy place in life

-remember it’s temporary. Don’t set up tent.

-remind the bump who the boss is.

-do what you need to. Work on that flaw, look for ways to overcome that challenge. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY, DEPENDS ON HOW PATIENT YOU ARE AND WHO YOU KNOW.

-get loaded on the Word! Everything in this world was made to respond to the spoken Word. So don’t be afraid; flex those faith muscles!

-forget about people. Whether they laugh or not, you are the one in it, not them. When the blessings of perseverance show forth, they will show in YOUR life, not theirs.THIS IS YOUR LIFE, YOUR JOURNEY. IT WILL BE YOUR LOSS IF YOU DEPEND ON PEOPLE’S OPINIONS BECAUSE THEY CHANGE LIKE HUMIDITY DURING SUMMER.

-be sure to learn something. Knowledge is never a waste; using it or sharing it is what wisdom is about.

Whenever you feel like the bump is beyond you, remember the Father has your back. Think I’m just saying that? Check out Jer29:11 and put a smile on that cute face!

“We are influenced by what we magnify and define as priority in our lives”

Till I write again,

Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo.


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