The human mind is powerful. So are the little details that make up our destiny. No matter the challenges we get to face, as long as we don’t give up, we would get to that expected end God has for us.

My conversation with my boss, alongside with the prayer we had together set in motion a lot of events that, till today I stay convinced of the fact that God used her to minister to me, so later I can give her that little thing she needed so much, that could only be given by someone who understood her- support.

A month later, she resigned, much to her father’s chagrin. A few weeks after she had traveled to meet Bernard, the company ran bankrupt –  due to one simple mistake in a transfer transaction. So much for accuracy.

Anyways that was 3 years ago. Ryan and I have been married for two of them. My talk with Ms Alberta, now Mrs Alberta Bernard-Hums changed the way I looked at Ryan. I remember entering that morning and just lying down beside him, hugging him from the back, to his surprise. I was privileged to have him near me, and I never realized that. Alberta calls me  the angel God sent to restore her hopes of spending life with the man who had her heart; I call her the real angel. She recently sent me a lovely photograph of herself and the children she was taking care of in the orphanage run by the church where Bernard served, and even though the stress of carrying a twin pregnancy showed on her face, it did nothing to hide the pure joy that radiated her face as the sun seemed to embrace her cheeks in the picture.

Ryan’s voice interrupts my reverie gently, and a love-laced kiss reminds me that my ante-natal check up is less than an hour away. Ryan and I are proudly expecting a girl, and he has been treating me like an egg for the past 4 months, with my tantrums and all. He is so rare, and I value him so much.

As I pick my bag, a thought crosses my mind: won’t it be lovely if we women supported each other, without expecting to gain something, but just for the fact that our girl’s happiness is ours also?

Instead of sizing each other from eyelashes to feet soles, can’t we just look out for each other, strengthen each other, get pregnant together, study the Word, discuss recipes and future plans together? Like stop being jealous and for once admire each other’s uniqueness? I bet if I had looked at my boss with them “who-is-she-anyway” eyes, I would not have gotten that little spark I needed to get me to this point. Worst of all, she would have missed out on getting the support she needed to pursue what her heart yearned for.

Okay, Ryan’s blowing the horn. I’m off to the hospital before he sends the hosts of heaven after me.


Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo.


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