So it’s hello to y’all and how are you today? I would like to share with us something I got reminded of, in a very simple way.

Saturday is usually my “mini-sanitation” day so I decided to take out time to clean out my bathroom and toilet which I happen to share with four other normal people, mind me not. As I was cleaning, i found two coins on the floor.

Now Ukrainians value their money, be it paper or coins. And they can practically kiss you when you bring coins to them in their shops. The coins I found were 50 and 25 kopecks respectively, 3  25’s and one 50, amounting to 1.25 hryvnia. Anyway the coins were dusty and dirty, so I tidied them up a bit before I continued cleaning. As I finished doing that, a word dropped in my spirit:

No matter how much it shines, it remains 25 (or 50) kopecks.

And that is so true. Even if it showed my reflection, it was still 25 kopecks. My cleaning only made it more obvious.

No matter how much you cover up and shine up and tush up, as you go higher in life, situations and conditions will expose the rotten and stinking stuff in your life that you have refused to fix. The backbiting, laziness, uncleanliness, and other unpleasant things you have refused to deal with in your closet will surface like bats when you get to a higher pedestal in life that tends to throw more light on your insides.

Jesus was talking to the disciples and the people about the Pharisees and teachers of the Law. He compared them to whitewashed tombs- all shining pure on the outside but so rotten on the inside that they make the devil cringe. There are people like that too walking, talking and existing here on earth, who out of ignorance or pride have refused to add value to themselves, and the little they have is disintegrating fast. And they don’t know, or pretend not to.

Let’s be real with ourselves. You are a guy, your personal hygiene is zero, you can wear one pair of boxers for a week or some more without feeling any remorse. You don’t comb your hair, you do not have an idea of cooking at least for  yourself or taking responsibility for certain things that come up in your life. You don’t see the need to plan for your future. You play all the gullible girls around you and later will claim to be looking for a good woman. You know all the rap lyrics in the world, and can blast music for the continents, but your spiritual life is dying a torturous death. You don’t look for materials to improve your self- confidence as a man, and future father that you might become. You don’t checkout investment plans or learn something about the women that you so despise and feel they are so “complicated”. You know every sex position in the book (which in itself is not bad) but you don’t face your studies or get serious with the course you are reading.   And you want the ladies to be all over you and pushing themselves to have you- are you dreaming? Or you missed road to the vision you were actually supposed to see? Major Benchwarmer, Sergeant No Future Ambition, how market? I shake my head for you.

You are a lady. You armpits are like forest swamps- smelly and hairy. Your nether regions are a sorry story. You wear one sanitary towel the whole day. You can afford a Gucci bag that really you don’t need, but you cannot get yourself a good deodorant for your body  or shampoo to take care of your hair.You know all the lyrics of female celebrities who project female power, but you cannot identify with a single scripture in the Bible (except Psalms 23). You know all the restaurants in the city with their menus but you roast your own rice when cooking. You cannot take yourself out and pay good money for quality food, but you leech on to the next available “mugu in trousers” as you saved them on your phone; mugu 1, mugu 2, mugu 20. You run for the latest i-phone and know all the magazines in vogue, but when they mention books by  greats like Les Brown, John Maxwell or even Myles Munroe, you are as lost as Alice in Wonderland. You spend time posting selfie videos and   taking selfies in awkward positions (and let me tell you, MEN do not life the duck face, no they don’t. Some BOYS do though) but you cannot take time to search for videos where women share secrets that can help you build a wonderful home. Your make-up is one of the best, but if attitude was to have a specific element attached to it, yours would be like acid rain. Your shoes and clothing fit you so nicely no one even notices you have very little in your brain. And you are searching for “a good man”? Sister Josephine, the dreamer herself. I salute you in all your shining folly.

We are in an age where we cannot sugarcoat anymore. Add value to yourself, brother. Add value to yourself sister. Read that book. Learn new skills that will save you when certificate can’t do anything for you anymore. Cultivate good habits; improve your cooking. Learn about the things you need to do to improve your attitude. Get personal about your hygiene. Learn to manage your finances.  Spend more time with God. Listen to worded people; become worded yourself. Invest in your future in every way possible. Do not be deceived; do not mock God. He will never lead a million dollar man or woman your way if you are a fifty-dollar woman, and vice versa.



Efunnuga Henrietta Adedayo.


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